What you should remember about when negotiating with the client

Trying to win a client is a priority in every sales specialist’s work. However, in this relationship, both parties want to get as much as possible. How, then, should we negotiate with the consumer so that the transaction satisfies him and, at the same time, gives benefits to us?

Before you start

Prior to starting negotiations, you should learn about your partner. Before the meeting actually takes place, try and get to know the prospective client as much as possible: what he expects of the product, what he cares about most. This will allow you to use the right arguments. Another important element is the way you look. A sales specialist should generate trust, appearing professional from the very first moment. The way we communicate with our interlocutor non-verbally (posture, tone of voice, gestures) tells a lot about us. It’s good to remember about that.

During negotiations

When the negotiations start, you can’t forget about several crucial things. The first of these it the way you start the conversation. Do not attack your interlocutor. Start by presenting the situation, inform him what you are going to talk about and what your presentation will look like. During the conversation, you should never forget about staying confident, listening to the client and answering the questions. You should always keep cool and avoid getting irritated by the doubts or the inquisitiveness of your interlocutor. It is essential to find a common language with the client, this will make it easier to strike the deal. Adapt your way of speaking to the client, use comparisons, depict your visions. This will help you get his attention.

While negotiating, remember that some concessions will be necessary. Therefore, in presenting your offer, make its value a little too high, so that you can easily lower it later on. Try to get something in return, too – remember about the win-win principle.

The approach to the client is also very important. From the very beginning, you should treat him as a partner, not as an opponent. Your conversation is intended to reach a consensus that will make both parties feel satisfied and successful. This will be a basis for building long-term relationships and making a good impression.


During negotiations, the way in which you present your service or product is essential. Visualisations will help convince the prospective consumer to use your services. Therefore, it is a good idea to spend some time and prepare a proper presentation of the goods offered. The tool for creating product/service presentations for clients offered in the Motiveo system will be helpful here. The module leads the user step by step through the process of preparing the presentation, which results in a professional and attractive effect. Additionally, the system allows for displaying the presentation on mobile devices thanks to the frameworkPhoneGap application. This means you don’t have to take a computer with you.

Negotiations are a very important issue in the work of sales specialists. It pays off to be well-prepared, as this increases the chances for success. Self-confidence, neat looks, proper knowledge, treating the interlocutor as a partner – all these are issues you have to remember about during negotiations.