What to pay attention to when creating a loyalty programme for employees?

Creating a well-working loyalty programme is a very important element the success of the entire enterprise may depend on. Employee efficiency is strictly related to what they may win through their actions. The base salary is not a sufficient motivator for work and this is why it is a good idea to create a proper loyalty programme that matches the needs of both the management and the employees, as well as and the company’s profile.

First of all, the programme must be developed with cooperation between the management and the employees, preferably with all departments represented. This will allow for reaching a consensus that will be satisfactory for everyone. The task of the management is to provide the employees with proper motivators that will result in the company functioning and developing properly. In turn, the task of the employees or their representatives is to convince the management that their needs are fully justified and, once satisfied, will help them work more effectively.

When establishing the programme, it is important to remember that it is in fact intended strictly for the employees and it is their satisfaction that counts. This is why you should listen to their opinions and suggestions. The programme has to give them satisfaction and pleasure, enabling them to relax and reduce the stress level. This is why the loyalty programme should be addressed not only to those employed at the company, but also their close ones and families. This will allow them to enjoy the benefits guaranteed by the company together.

You need to remember about these things if you decide to start a loyalty programme in your enterprise. Building employee loyalty is very important. The bond with the workplace allows for more efficient work and guarantees the employer that the efforts and money put into employee development are not wasted. It is also good to remember that a loyalty programme means not only motivation bonuses, but also other benefits, such as gym memberships, private parking spaces, or a company phone or car. It is good to pick something that is in line with the company’s profile. You can always rely on the virtual advisor of the MOTIVEO system, whose advice is available around the clock.


A proper loyalty programme guarantees benefits to both parties; the employee comes to work more relaxed and motivated to work. Providing the employees with proper benefits will positively affect their involvement in their tasks.