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Take care of the clients before Christmas

Christmas is almost here. There’s little time left to send Christmas gifts to your clients. Why is this so important and why should entrepreneurs remember about that? Because it’s an expression of kindness and an opportunity to build positive relations with the client you should be taking care of.

Christmas time is an especially hot period for entrepreneurs. Annual reports, planning the actions for the next year… All of this is very important, but taking care of your clients at this time of the year is just as important.

The power of gifts

Building a positive image in the eyes of the clients is an important thing for every company. Christmas gifts are an opportunity to build good relations with them and show them that we value their presence in the life of our company. Irrespective of whether they are business or retail clients, you need to remember about them. Essentially, this is not only an expression of gratitude, but also an excellent opportunity to build a healthy, positive relation. Believe it or not, but even the smallest gestures are important and result in the clients remembering about the company. This strengthens the relation between the brand and the client, who becomes more attached to the company.

In business, every move is very important. This is why when you have come to the conclusion that it’s worth investing in Christmas gifts, you need to decide what these gifts should be. A universal approach won’t work. You have to treat your clients individually. It’s also important to follow the rules of Christmas savoir vivre: Christmas wishes are given to particular persons, so that the client feels they are addressed directly to him. Secondly, in choosing the gift, you need to make sure that its tasteful: a bottle of good alcohol, a basket of sweets, or a nice calendar with the logo of your company will work well. Don’t be random, everything must be thought through and properly matched to particular clients. Be careful not to commit a faux pas, as the result will have the opposite effect from what was intended.

The approach to the client

An individual approach to the client in terms of sales is important not only during Christmas, but also during the entire year. Sales specialists can use the Motiveo system for this purpose. The system offers for instance sales training allowing the employees to learn how to present the brand’s offer. The Virtual Advisor is an additional asset, offering 24/7 assistance in the event of any doubts.

Christmas is a great time for strengthening the relations with clients and building a positive image of your company in their eyes. Small gifts can help do just that: they will show the clients that we remember about them and value them. However, you need to remember about the individual approach, so as not to commit a faux pas.