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Set yourself goals and achieve them!

‘People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going… it’s as simple as that,’ Earl Nightingale once said. Setting yourself goals in a clever way is the key for sales specialists to succeed. Why is it so important and how to do it well?

Specific tasks allow for focusing your attention 100% on completing them. When a goal is defined, it starts to make sense, and we are aware of the reason why we make efforts. We know why it’s worth to spend time and energy on a mission. This, in turn, makes us work more effectively. It’s good to remember that in order to achieve the main goal, you first need to achieve the smaller targets that allow for completing the task in full. These small steps are essential: they allow for checking progress and show that the effort put into achieving the goal is not wasted.

How, then, should we set goals so that they motivate us to work? First of all, they need to be clear and understandable. We need to be aware of the purpose of a given goal and its potential benefits. It’s best to start with defining what you want to achieve – it’s a good idea to divide the work into stages, so that at any given time you know how much more you need to do until the task has been completed. When you know these things, prepare a strategy that will allow for achieving the goal and be determined in sticking to it. To make things easier, write down what you want to achieve and set yourself the time for completing a given task. Using a calendar, plan your next steps. This will keep you focused on the goal and help you motivate yourself. Analyse what you have already managed to do and what you still need to do. Celebrate small successes, rewarding yourself when you move to the next stage, getting closer to completing the task.

Setting goals has a huge impact on the sales specialists’ motivation and their sales results. Lack of clearly defined tasks may result in low efficiency. Also, if we don’t know what we’re after, how can we know that we are succeeding or doing our work well? Especially if we can’t measure progress and don’t really know where we’re going. Goals not only inspire activity, but also show the results of work, making us aware of what our efforts have contributed to. Monitoring progress lets us learn what we do right and where we need to improve. Tracking the effects of our activities, as offered by Motiveo, will be helpful here. The system generates detailed reports with the possibility of checking geolocation, and all of this can be done using a browser or a mobile device. The employee can regularly monitor his work, check the level of targets completion, or view his tasks. Motiveo also offers a clear presentation of the principles of participation in motivation programmes and a knowledge base useful for sales specialists.

Motivation is important and nothing motivates like achieving goals and working on tasks that make sense to us. So set your goals and focus on achieving them, and you are guaranteed to succeed!