What every sales specialist should remember about

Working as a sales specialists is not an easy job and not everyone was born to do that. However, if you decide to take up that challenge, you need to be well-prepared. Both the commercial offer and the way it’s presented are of vital importance: you need to spark the interest of the potential client. This is why spending some time on these aspects is a good idea.

Product presentation

At the very beginning, you need to define what you sell: what the features of particular products and services are, what benefits it could generate for the client that decides to buy it, etc. Arrange them hierarchically, from the client’s point of view: what will be most important for him and what will be of no value to him. This is why it’s good to learn about the potential client before the presentation. You need to get to know him as well as possible so that you can present information in the most effective way. However, the task is not over when the sale is made. If you want to be efficient, you need to make sure that the client comes back. This is why you must ensure his satisfaction with the product or service he purchased. The consumer must be certain that he made the right choice.


The sales specialist’s predispositions are of crucial importance when it comes to sales. When presenting the offer, you need to be ready for a number of situations. However, before we get to communication itself, let’s have a look at appearance. Looking neat is especially important, so forget about t-shirts and sneakers. The image of the salesperson builds the client’s view of the product: if you don’t inspire trust with the way you look, selling the product will be difficult.

Another important thing about communication is the salesperson’s personality. A good sales specialist is first of all communicative and able to build good relations with the clients. Negotiation skills and stress control are very important here. Many different things can happen during the presentation and it’s important that none of them makes you look confused. A sales specialist must be ready for everything, assertiveness plays a major role in this respect. Additionally, when presenting the product, you need to show that you know a lot about it. No question is allowed to surprise you. Then you will be able to answer them. It’s also a good idea to listen to the comments from consumers. This will be guide as to their needs, which will allow you to lead the presentation along the right path.

It’s also important that the presentation is interesting for the consumers. You can’t afford to bore them, so it’s a good idea to keep it short. Your language should be simple and coherent, and if you use a multimedia presentation, it should be clear and easy to understand.


The Motiveo system is a useful tool in creating product presentations. One of its features is the possibility of putting together a mobile presentation of a product using a knowledge base with hints on how to prepare speeches. It contains examples of presentations and templates for creating them. The tool will allow sales specialists to prepare logical presentations focused on the subject matter. The tool is accessible both via a computer and the mobile application. Motiveo also includes an intelligent virtual advisor that will be of assistance when using the system.

Effective sales are the objective of every sales specialist. But to achieve that objective, time needs to be dedicated to product presentation and self-preparation. Being well-prepared and knowing one’s offer is the basis of a sales specialist’s success.