How to create an efficient motivation system in the SME sector

Introducing loyalty systems in large enterprises is a relatively simple thing. Motivating employees to do work with rewards and making them compete against one another is easy when the company has many employees. But how to do this in the sector of small and medium enterprises where the number of employees is limited and departments are often composed of just one person? Is it possible to introduce a motivation system in such companies? Yes!

A difficult thing

Even though introducing a motivation system in a small company is no easy thing, it does not mean that employers should shy away from doing it. The benefits of having a motivated employee are obvious. This is especially important for SMEs, as they have to work harder to stay on the market. This is why offering such a motivation system to your employees is a good idea. First off, you need to remember that the programme will be different from the ones implemented in large corporations. In the case of small companies, there are a few problems. However, you can overcome them. One of these problems are the needs of the employees and the possibilities of rewarding them. Large corporations can afford to assign huge amounts of money for bonuses. In small and medium enterprises, this may turn out to be a barrier. Not an impenetrable one, though: the mentality of employees of large corporations is different from that of those working in small companies. This is why you need to consult the employees when creating the system. This will allow for choosing the right rewards and, consequently, achieving success. In the SME sector, bonuses or vouchers will work better than company cars or trips. It’s important to motivate employees constantly, which will make him do their duties more readily. And this is very important in small companies where many a time nobody will be able to do a given employee’s task instead of him.


Another barrier SMEs have to overcome in creating a motivation system is the cost of building and implementing the system. In large companies, systems are developed and maintained by employees that are trained specifically for that purpose or by external companies. This obviously generates expenses small and medium enterprises can’t afford to incur. The e-service comes in handy here. Its functionalities allow, among other things, for creating and implementing a motivation programme for company employees. Motiveo not only enables the creation of a well-working motivation system for sales specialists, but also makes it possible to track the development process step by step. Additionally, it allows both the employer and the employees to easily track sales progress using a computer or a mobile device. also provides a virtual advisor that is available 24/7. In case of any doubts or problems, you can get the answer to your questions almost immediately. All the functions offered by Motiveo are available at prices affordable for every small and medium enterprise.

Motivating employees is the key to company success. A motivated individual works more effectively and efficiently, and this is what every company owner wants. Small and medium enterprises need to remember about that. This will allow them to make it on the market.