Learn to motivate your employees

Proper employee motivation is the basis of success of every enterprise. It is the key for the company to achieve the desired results. Motivating employees to act is a big challenge, but it is worth dedicating some time and effort for this purpose.

Let’s start with the motivation techniques that will certainly not work with employees. First of all, shouting. This most definitely is not a good method. It may help in giving a vent to your emotions, but will not contribute to more effective work of your employees. Secondly, delivering mobilising speeches that are not very relevant and whose effects, if any, are short-lasted.

How, then, should we engage and motivate employees to work? The starting point is to provide them with proper, fair working conditions. Make sure that work gives them a sense of stability and security – offer them a proper salary. Try and create a friendly atmosphere at the office, so that the relation with superiors and colleagues do not cause stress. These are the factors a motivation system should be based on. Without them, it will be difficult to motivate the employees and keep them in your enterprise, even if other attractive benefits are offered. If these basics are covered, you may proceed to the next steps.

Employees like being recognised. This is why it is good to notice their successes and show them that you like their work. The employee will certainly be satisfied and likely to want to show you again, on another occasion, that he or she is a valuable employee. In turn, if there is a problem, meet the employee, discuss the issue, and try and find a solution to the problem. Moreover, remember to thank for the work and the effort – it will show the employees that you respect them, which in turn will make them carry out their tasks more readily. It is also important to treat everyone equally, reward and punish following the same rules. Also, take care of the development of the employees: send them to courses and specialist seminars. In this way, you will let them know that you consider them valuable, which will make them more involved in their work.

Financial aspects are obviously very important, as well. All types of bonuses have a motivating effect, since the employee has a goal he or she wants to achieve – it is important to clearly lay down the rules for awarding the bonuses. Additionally, all loyalty programmes, such as offering gym memberships or co-financing holidays, will make the employees want to work and stay at the company as long as possible.