How to negotiate a rise? When to start and what arguments to use?

At the end of the year, companies are usually planning their budgets for the next year. It’s a good moment to talk to your superiors about a rise. For most people, this is quite a difficult thing and they are afraid to take up the subject. Today, we offer some advice on how to talk to your boss about a rise.

What to start with

First off, it’s a good idea to think about how long you’ve been in your current position. If it’s been a month or two, you still have the time to have that talk with your boss. Which you probably have already realised. When negotiating a rise, it’s very important to convince yourself that you actually deserve a bigger salary. So, before you knock on your boss’s door, ask yourself a few questions: How long have I been doing this job? Am I doing my duties well? Is my manager happy with my results? If you feel that you deserve a rise, you can proceed.

The list

Your boss will surely want you to justify your request for a bigger salary. Making a list may be useful here. It will allow you to present the reasons why you deserve a rise one by one. Naturally, don’t show the list to the boss, it’s for you to order the things you think justify the rise. However, you need to remember that ‘a colleague from my department got a rise and I didn’t’ or ‘but I’ve been here for over a year’ are not appropriate, since neither the time you have worked at the company nor the achievements of others make you eligible for a rise. The boss needs to see that you really are a valuable employee. Only then will he be inclined to increase your salary.

The right moment

Picking the right moment to ask for a rise is very important. If you know that the company’s financial condition is poor, there is no point in negotiating, since the chances are slim. The time of the day is important, too. Don’t pick an early Monday morning, the boss won’t be too happy about that. Check if he has problems he needs to deal with, such as difficult tenders, as this may also negatively affect the final decision.

During the talk

When you finally meet the boss, remember about several key things. First of all, body language: stay calm and make sure your gestures are like that, too; be kind and smile. Secondly, do not start with ‘I want a rise.’ Start by showing your situation in the company – the time you’ve worked here, your achievements. Make the boss aware that the company wins a lots thanks to you. You can also ask about his opinion on your work. Only later move to discussing a higher salary. At this stage, the ‘for’ arguments you put on the list will come in handy.


In preparing arguments, reports on activities may be useful. The Motiveo system will be of help here, as it systematically updates your achievements. This enables you are able to control your sales and motivate yourself, as good results may result in the rise you want.

Negotiations are no easy thing. But you can’t be afraid of it and should not avoid it. It’s worth having a talk with the boss. Are you ready? Fingers crossed!