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How to cope with inadequate sales

Working in sales is not easy. It often happens that the results achieved by a sales specialist are not satisfactory. What can be the reason for that? Lack of motivation, wrong approach to the client, or perhaps no training for employees? Let us give a few hints on how to deal with this problem.

What can be the reason?

If you’re wrestling with the problem of inadequate sales results of your employees or you have noticed that something is wrong with your own results, start by analysing the possible reasons. There are a number of possibilities. One of them is the lack of motivation. As a manager, you should make sure that you and your team have reasons to make the effort of fighting for clients. Analyse the system of commissions – maybe something is wrong here? Check the employees’ needs, maybe the lack of motivation is the thing that keeps sales at an unsatisfactory level? Another reason could be the lack of skills and knowledge necessary to be a good sales specialist. Think about organising the relevant seminars that will help your sales specialists do their work in a better way. Yet another issue that may affect the sales can be the product or service itself or the fact of the target you address our offer to being incorrect. Investigate and perhaps you will find the solution there.

How to deal with this?

The problem of inadequate sales results is clearly an important one and should be dealt with as soon as possible. What steps should be taken to increase sales? The issues mentioned above are important – you can’t forget about motivation, training, and the product itself. However, a few other things are important, too. One of them is the need to constantly improve your offer. The ability to listen to consumers will be helpful here, since their comments should be of crucial importance for you and your company. They will help you adapt your offer to their needs. Secondly, you need to build relations with the clients, both existing and prospective. Special offers, help in obtaining information, advice and assistance, all of this may work. Think about whether your company is recognisable on the market, and if not, how to change this. Perhaps by investing in a company blog or social media activities?


There is one more aspect in sales activities that contributes to good results: constant monitoring of results. This will allow you to make changes as you go, both to the product/service and other aspects. Such constant control of effects will help avoid a decrease in sales. The system will be helpful in the monitoring process, as it allows not only for viewing sales results, but also analysing and comparing them with other results. It also identifies the places where your offer enjoys the biggest and the lowest popularity. This is helpful in drawing conclusions as to the sales and the optimisation of the sales process.