Christmas bonuses for employees

Christmas is almost here. It’s a time when it’s a good idea to take care of your employees. For many of them, it’s a time of intensive work – closing projects, producing end-of-the-year reports, carrying out settlements. It all requires lots of effort. This is why it’s a good idea to show them, especially at this time of the year, that you appreciate their work.

Why is it worth it?

Christmas is a time when employees think about the time they are about to spend with their families, resting and enjoying peace and quiet. At work, they really need to focus and make the effort. To motivate them, it’s good to invest in Christmas bonuses to show them that their work is appreciated. This will bring benefits to both parties: the employer gets happy and effective employees in this hot period, while the employees feel appreciated and relaxed.

Which bonuses?

The problem with preparing Christmas bonuses is what you should give to the employees. There are a number of options. The employer just needs to decide which will be the most suitable. Maybe a Christmas party is a good idea? It will be an opportunity to meet outside of the workplace and talk, play, and get together in a relaxed atmosphere. Dedicated gift packs may also work – how about t-shirts with texts fitting particular team members? Or perfumes? Everything depends on how well you know your employees and how likely you are to pick something they will like. Vouchers and gift cards are very safe and perhaps the most popular types of Christmas bonuses. They are convenient, because the employee can choose the gift that will make him or her happy. However, you need to consider whether you want to give your employees such a simple bonus for Christmas.


In order to properly appreciate the employees and, at the same time, try and boost their efficiency, it’s a good idea to use the Motiveo system. This allows for creating the right motivation model. Currently, the system offers three models: the sales-based model, where the employee gets a reward for every sale; the points-based model, where sales specialists collect points for sales and then exchange them for prizes; and the mixed model, which is a combination of the two others. The system, in a clear way, helps in creating motivation programmes that can support the efficiency of sales specialists.

Bonuses are good motivators

Christmas is a really special time, so it’s worth giving sales specialists some extra motivation. The employer will improve his image in the eyes of the employees, additionally boosting their self-esteem. Gifts like that show them that their work is really appreciated and that you are happy that they are a part of your team. So, what will be the Christmas gifts for your employees?