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Set yourself goals and achieve them!

‘People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going… it’s as simple as that,’ Earl Nightingale once said. Setting yourself goals in a clever way is the key for sales specialists to succeed. Why is it so important and how to do it well?


What every sales specialist should remember about

Working as a sales specialists is not an easy job and not everyone was born to do that. However, if you decide to take up that challenge, you need to be well-prepared. Both the commercial offer and the way it’s presented are of vital importance: you need to spark the interest of the potential client. This is why spending some time on these aspects is a good idea.


How to create an efficient motivation system in the SME sector

Introducing loyalty systems in large enterprises is a relatively simple thing. Motivating employees to do work with rewards and making them compete against one another is easy when the company has many employees. But how to do this in the sector of small and medium enterprises where the number of employees is limited and departments are often composed of just one person? Is it possible to introduce a motivation system in such companies? Yes!


Rozwój osobisty jest niezwykle ważny dla każdego człowieka. Stale chcemy poszerzać swoje horyzonty i wciąż poznawać nowe rzeczy. Właśnie dlatego, także w pracy chcemy zdobywać nowe kwalifikacje. Istotne jest także, aby pamiętali o tym pracodawcy, bowiem poszerzanie kompetencji jest też jednym z ważniejszych czynników motywujących pracowników do efektywnej pracy.


Motivation for team work

Motivation for work is often an individual issue. Everyone is motivated by something else, with recognition, money, prestige, and personal development being the key factors. But how to motivate one another in a team if different people need different kinds of motivation?


Learn to motivate your employees

Proper employee motivation is the basis of success of every enterprise. It is the key for the company to achieve the desired results. Motivating employees to act is a big challenge, but it is worth dedicating some time and effort for this purpose.


Pros and cons of a commission-based remuneration system

Different enterprises use different employee remuneration systems. This depends on a number of factors, such as company policy for instance. The systems differ from one another, each of them having positive and negative aspects.

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