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Set yourself goals and achieve them!

‘People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going… it’s as simple as that,’ Earl Nightingale once said. Setting yourself goals in a clever way is the key for sales specialists to succeed. Why is it so important and how to do it well?


What you should remember about when negotiating with the client

Trying to win a client is a priority in every sales specialist’s work. However, in this relationship, both parties want to get as much as possible. How, then, should we negotiate with the consumer so that the transaction satisfies him and, at the same time, gives benefits to us?


Managers should learn to motivate

Motivating oneself is a very difficult task, but encouraging others to work may be even harder. The art of motivation is not easy, but you can learn and implement it in your enterprise.

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How to cope with inadequate sales

Working in sales is not easy. It often happens that the results achieved by a sales specialist are not satisfactory. What can be the reason for that? Lack of motivation, wrong approach to the client, or perhaps no training for employees? Let us give a few hints on how to deal with this problem.

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Generation Y on the job market

That time had to come. The so-called generation Y is moving onto the job market with more and more impact. According to research, employers and representatives of generation Y are…



Since the beginning of the new millennium, it’s been said that gamification, when used in business, smaller or bigger, is a revolutionary method that will change employee motivation and improve…

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