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Chinese business people shaking hands

Take care of the clients before Christmas

Christmas is almost here. There’s little time left to send Christmas gifts to your clients. Why is this so important and why should entrepreneurs remember about that? Because it’s an…


How to effectively motivate sales specialists

What is the best way to motivate sales specialists? Ensuring a good atmosphere, recognizing their achievements, setting clear tasks and targets, or maybe flexible working time? Let’s have a look…


Christmas bonuses for employees

Christmas is almost here. It’s a time when it’s a good idea to take care of your employees. For many of them, it’s a time of intensive work – closing…


How motivation affects employees

There is a very strong link between work and motivation for work. Work quality and performance are directly determined by whether the employees are happy with their work. How does…


Motivation for CSR activities in SMEs

According to studies conducted in small and medium enterprises that carry out CSR activities, the best motivation in this respect are the benefits for the company. Naturally, depending on the…

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