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A motivation system that suits the needs of SMEs – an interview with an expert

Creating a motivation programme is a difficult thing. You need not only time and energy, but also a proper budget. Could a system do this job for you? Tomasz Waśko, Motiveo Project Management Coordinator, says yes.

Creating motivation programmes is time-consuming and requires knowledge of your employees. To help employers, you have created the Motiveo system. What is this system about?
Motiveo is a system based on the SaaS model. It is designed to help entrepreneurs create motivation programmes for sales specialists.

The SaaS model? What does that mean?
It means that the software is available to entrepreneurs online. There is no need to install an application on your computer, and all of the duties in terms of software management and updates are shifted to the supplier, which means us. This is very convenient for the clients.

I see. And who is the system addressed to?
The system is primarily intended for small and medium enterprises. We want to provide them with a possibility of creating motivation programmes to motivate their employees responsible for the sales.

But, as we all know, creating a proper motivation programme requires a proper budget. Will the companies from the SME sector, where financial outlays are relatively small, be able to afford to invest in this system?
Definitely. We let our potential clients try out the full version of the system for free, with the only limitation being the number of sales specialists. There are no fees if up to three sales specialists are covered with the programme. This allows entrepreneurs to test the system and see for themselves what it’s worth. If they decide to register more sales specialists, they can choose one of the three subscription schemes. The cheapest of these costs PLN 79, while the most expensive is PLN 249 – these are net amounts. As I said before, the only difference between the subscription schemes is the number of sales specialists registered in the system.

This sounds interesting. Is the system addressed only to Polish clients?
Currently, the system is available in Poland as motiveo.pl and in the UK as motiveo.co.uk. We are planning to install the system in other countries, but this will be a later stage of developing Motiveo.

Currently, the are a number of CRM systems for managing employees. What makes Motiveo stand out? Why should entrepreneurs choose your offer?
Our system is an application centred around the sales process. Looking at it this way, we stand out by offering a comprehensive approach. The system allows the entrepreneur to control the sales process in his company. Using the system, the entrepreneur can for instance control and monitor the activities of the sales specialists and the way his products are presented to the clients, as well as supervise the sales parameters of products. The other thing that distinguishes us from other systems is the fact of introducing to SMEs, thanks to the functionalities of our system, a new quality of operating on the Polish market and, hopefully, on foreign markets, as well. At this moment, there are no similar systems focused on motivation available in Poland.

I already know that using the system is relatively inexpensive. How about the functionality of the system? Why is a good idea to use it? How can Motiveo help entrepreneurs?
The main asset of our system is the possibility of configuring motivation programmes using a creator that has been made available to the users. It guides the entrepreneur through the configuration process step by step. As for the system’s functions, which, in my opinion, should be quite attractive for entrepreneurs, we have the reporting module that presents the key information for entrepreneurs and sales specialists: the level of completion of the sales target, the level of sales, the numbers of products sold, the activity of sales specialists, information on clients, and the presentation of the costs the entrepreneur will have to incur in connection with the rewards for sales specialist. Another useful feature of the Motiveo system is the virtual advisor providing 24/7 assistance to the users. Entrepreneurs may also find the Push Effect interesting. It’s an innovative feature that allows for supporting the sales of particular products over a specific period of time in order to carry out the adopted sales strategy. The system of automatic hints will also be useful: Motiveo will do most of the work necessary to create a motivation programme. The system provides tips on which motivation model will work best for the entrepreneur, proposing cash and non-cash rewards for selling particular products. The system also has the virtual lawyer module, which allows for producing documents for the purposes of motivation programmes, such as contracts with sales specialists and terms and conditions of the programmes. We also take care of sales security by providing the users with a sales verification module. The entrepreneur has three options: discretionary verification, verification by means of bar, QR, and alphanumeric codes generated in the system, and verification by means of serial numbers. The mobile application should also be attractive from the point of view of the client. It is designed both for the entrepreneur (the possibility of on-going control over the programme) and the sales specialist (the possibility of registering sales, presenting the offer at the client’s, and communicating with his superiors).

You have mentioned sales specialists. Can they use the Motiveo system, as well? If so, how?
Yes, sales specialists can use Motiveo, too. They are added to the system by their superiors. The programme creates accounts for sales specialist, who then activate them. The basic task of the sales specialists is making sales – Motiveo allows them to register sales and win the prizes specified in the motivation programme. They also have access to the reports showing the level of tasks completion. Especially for the sales specialists, we have created a mobile application that, apart from the features I have already listed, contains the ‘ABC of Sales’ educational module. It contains useful information, for instance on how to present products or make presentations at the client’s.

You said that the system allows for winning specific prizes – how does that work?
When configuring the programme, the entrepreneur selects the motivation model he finds suitable. There are three models: the sales=reward model, where the sales specialist receives a given reward for every approved sale; the points-based model, where points are assigned for making sales and then can be used to get rewards; and the mixed model, which is a combination of the two previous models. This last model is usually used by the entrepreneurs that offer products of both high and low value. Then, according to the selected model, the programme is configured, including the process of defining the rewards for selling particular products.

When you describe it, it seems that the system is highly complex. This could be a problem for new users, hampering registration. What do you think?
In building the system, we consulted entrepreneurs. We put particular emphasis on its intuitiveness and the time an entrepreneur needs to spend on configuring the programme. We tried to limit this time to a minimum, but the entrepreneur needs to be aware that providing certain information about the products or configuring the sales and motivation model allows for a solid analysis of the activities of sales specialists and whether they achieve sales targets. We also offer a testing programme, which allows users to learn the mechanics of the system. Additionally, the virtual advisor and the plentiful hints really make the system easy to use. 

You have launched the system recently and the website has ‘beta’ written on it. Is the system being worked on? What are these works about?
We are constantly developing our system. We collect feedback from our clients and try to introduce features that will help optimise the system. We are also thinking about expanding the functionality to include new motivation models, but it’s a little too early to elaborate on this.

A motivation programme created using a system: will this work? Motiveo seems to be an interesting system with substantial potential for the SME sector. Is it really possible to effectively motivate employees using this system? To find out, register for free at Motiveo.pl.