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Rozwój osobisty jest niezwykle ważny dla każdego człowieka. Stale chcemy poszerzać swoje horyzonty i wciąż poznawać nowe rzeczy. Właśnie dlatego, także w pracy chcemy zdobywać nowe kwalifikacje. Istotne jest także, aby pamiętali o tym pracodawcy, bowiem poszerzanie kompetencji jest też jednym z ważniejszych czynników motywujących pracowników do efektywnej pracy.


Motivation for team work

Motivation for work is often an individual issue. Everyone is motivated by something else, with recognition, money, prestige, and personal development being the key factors. But how to motivate one another in a team if different people need different kinds of motivation?


Managing employee motivation

One of the main tasks of enterprise managers is to motivate their employees to work more effectively and efficiently. Each of them knows full well how much a motivated individual contributes to the work of the entire team. This is why the best and most suitable methods of managing employee motivation should be constantly sought.


Motivation for CSR activities in SMEs

According to studies conducted in small and medium enterprises that carry out CSR activities, the best motivation in this respect are the benefits for the company. Naturally, depending on the…


Victor Vroom’s expectancy theory

We have said a lot about motivation theories. This is because the subject is very broad, but also very important for the proper functioning of an enterprise. Motivated employees are much more effective and happy with their work.

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