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Alderfer’s ERG theory of motivation

A number of motivation theories have been developed over the years. Many of them are similar to one another, while other lead to different conclusions.


Learn to motivate your employees

Proper employee motivation is the basis of success of every enterprise. It is the key for the company to achieve the desired results. Motivating employees to act is a big challenge, but it is worth dedicating some time and effort for this purpose.


What to pay attention to when creating a loyalty programme for employees?

Creating a well-working loyalty programme is a very important element the success of the entire enterprise may depend on. Employee efficiency is strictly related to what they may win through their actions. The base salary is not a sufficient motivator for work and this is why it is a good idea to create a proper loyalty programme that matches the needs of both the management and the employees, as well as and the company’s profile.

niewystarczajaca sprzeda

Generation Y on the job market

That time had to come. The so-called generation Y is moving onto the job market with more and more impact. According to research, employers and representatives of generation Y are…


The meaning of bonuses and the rules of awarding them

Employers more and more often see the potential in awarding bonuses to their employees and use this form of encouragement in their enterprises. Let’s start with the definition of a bonus. Usually, it is an element of the remuneration awarded as an addition to the base salary, the amount of which depends on the completion of certain tasks.

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